Thursday, 21 September 2017

W.A.L.T:Create a poster for maori language week containing images and maori language as well as maori patterns.

I think i did a great job at gathering maori words but I should have spaced things out a bit more.

W.A.L.T:Write an excuse poem.


Sorry Teacher…
I forgot to bring my deep, blue homework book
but I hadn’t even wrote in my ruled-up reading log ,
I knew the dog was bound to find it
even if it was behind a filthy bog.

Sorry teacher…
I forgot to bring my crinkled clothes for the i-movie
but I hadn’t even got the snug hat,
I knew the mouse was bound to hide under it
even if it was behind a dusty mat.

Sorry teacher…
I forgot to bring my 1 year old swimming togs
but I hadn’t even thoroughly dried it yet,
I knew the cat was bound to sniff it
even if it was behind an injured net.

Sorry teacher…
I forgot to bring my massive library book
but I hadn’t even read the 2nd to last soggy page,
I knew the lizard was bound to scurry onto it
even if it was behind a metal cage.

Sorry teacher...
I forgot to bring my scrumptious lunch
but I hadn’t even blissfully prepared the food ,
I knew the fly was bound to hover infront of it
even if it was behind an abusive neighbourhood.    

Sorry teacher…
I forgot to bring my elegant pencil case
but I hadn’t even put my scarlet pencil in,
I knew the spider was bound to crawl into it
even if it was behind a putrid bin.
I think I did great at rhyming but need to work on more metaphors.

W.A.L.T:Write a description using your imagination.


Mr Tomokino, room 2 teacher and head of all year 5 and 6 teachers, sick and miserable at home.  Twisting un comfortingly on the couch probably.  His temperature striking up every hour, what is he doing ?  I think he is sitting on the couch lazily sleeping or having coffee, you know?  

This smart teacher, full of sickness, sleepiness and more might be having a dream about teaching us tomorrow at school brilliantly or maybe sitting on the velvet couch he realises the tv is an object sitting right there like a soldier and he might even be glaring at it as it grips the wall steadily all day long or he could be watching the liquid in his cup swirl around from right to left.

Smelling the slightest touch of coffee in the room isn’t really the only smell, how about signs of the dusty rug crouched on the floor as still as a statue or the scrumptious food delicately baking in the room next by.  All the smells imaginable swifting under his nose or hovering in mid air.  What others are there?

Feeling the stiff, white handle of the mug sitting next to him and the feeling of nausea in the pit of your stomach.  No way he could be relaxing in comfort with that or maybe feeling the couches soft cushion pushing against his aching head.

Hearing the sound of the tap gushing out water or the doorbell noisily ringing might be alarming as well as the blazing heater giving sounds of beeps from above.  Along the cyan corridors the oven or stoves noises come at rates faster than a cheetah.

Maybe he is tasting the crunchy bite of a giant pizza or the lick of liquid in his colour less cup.  What could he be tasting, a lollie full of sugar that creates no cure for his illness or is he swallowing a medicine into his yet undamaged throat.

The array  of multicoloured items surrounds his body unexpectedly and frames might hang from wall to wall as quiet as a miniature mouse.

Do you imagine this like me?  
I don’t think so.

I think I did a great job at describing but need to work on more hyperboles and metaphors.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

W.A.L.T:Use a text structure appropriate to the purpose.

Netball Poem!

W.A.L.T:Use a text structure appropriate to the purpose.

Saturday morning, finding yourself snuggled in velvet.
Routine finished, play area known, car congested and engine growing angrier with a deafening sound.

Then the buzzing noise and your feet get alarmed.
Left to right outsmarting someone.
Back for the run.
Into the circular pizza that’s been halved, your mind fried as something blows in the corner.
It blows again and you feel your speedy body move  as  something comes straight at you.  
Again a 3d object strikes through.  
2 more sounds and off you are jumping around.

Yelps and screams, here and there.
Your hand meets many.
You gaze around, glaring at someone rummaging.
There you have it, you’ve done it.
 Huddling in, smiles wake.
2nd performance over, you’ve got the win.

Pulling it off, getting the circular coin with a ribbon and strolling away leaving the morning in a bizarre expression.  
Next week, will it be the same?
What sort of sight will next week bring?  
What sort of delight will next week bring?  
I wonder!

I think that I put a great amount of detail but need to work on more metaphors.

Monday, 7 August 2017

W.A.L.T: do a genius hour project to the best of our abiltiy

I think we did a amazing job at making sure we do the right things but we need to be a bit more quicker next time.

W.A.L.T: create a poster about the World Health Organisation.

I think I did a great job at being creative but need more detail, similes and metaphors.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

W.A.L..T: This week we were describing a place using a writing frame as well as different sentence starters. One of mine starts with a verb, another starts with a preposition and another starting with an adverb. The next thing we used was interesting vocabulary and we double checked so it has no mistakes.


My sisters and I have a room, filled with the most joy, pouncing and weirdness, it lies upstairs and all the way to the left.  

As you enter 3 beds sit silently in the shape of a triangle, a blank tv screen grips the wall and unexpectedly it’s surrounded by boxes jampacked with toys for little kids.

Smelling the slightest touch of cool charm around which Maarya has sprayed delicately everywhere not to mention above your velvet bed is easy.  

The rough, wood made drawers stand looming over the pitch black sofa like an enormous mansion towering over a miniature cottage.

Crazily, mum loses her mind when she hears children yelling, fridges shaking and taps tugging water out as she tries to dry wet clothes under the blazing heater.  

On the wall frames hang on top of the beds as a microwave acts as an old, useless material.  

Do you have a bedroom like this?  I don’t think so.

I believe I did an amazing job at putting different sentence starters but I need to work on putting more metaphors, idioms and hyperboles.