Wednesday, 29 November 2017

W.A.L.T: select vocab appropriate to the text.

The Ocean Blue!!!

Along the seafront a shade of blue covers the vast expanse of a body of water.  A large, murky hole.  Glistening rays find the lumpy back of a beluga coming out mourning to the ocean to hoist the enormous beast into the luxurious delights of paradise.  Above, the azure sky, inspects down, beaming at the producing of ripples or maybe even looking at a mirror.  A deep and dark, frijid blanket of water.  The pathway of water.  The hidden world of wildlife.  Little Blue Penguins, diving in and out with an aficionado sensation spilling into them.  A beach, lake, river, swamp, spring, freshwater ecosystem, sea, ocean, waterfall, bog, marsh, wetland, pond, brackish water, temporary pools, streams, estuaries or reefs. A congested habitat.  Yet the land ashore grieving still for voyagers to venture in them.  Soon drenched clothes, soaking hair and numb feet.  Drift wood floating away from the merciless wind out there but who knows what will happen, who knows what the future will bring at this blue piece of scenery?

I think I did an amazing job at using the thesaurus but need to work on not overloading my sentences with adjectives.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

W.A.L.T: create equations to what we know about ourselves.

I did a great job at getting diagrams but need to work on harder questions.

W.A.L.T:write a few paragraphs about the possum problem in NZ.

The Possum  Problem!

Possums are everywhere in NZ but are hardly seen according that they are nocturnal animals but did you know they are also called marsupials.  They are found in bushes, farms,parks and even gardens.  During the day possums stay hidden in their dry dens not to be disturbed.  What do they do?  They eat, sinking their large teeth into fruits, flowers, native creatures, insects, bats, birds and they also like to eat leaves as well as Rata and Kamahi.  They are slowly by slowly changing our lush, green forests to the worst , overpopulating NZ and creating a large problem.

Nowadays groups  known as regional councils, department of conservations and conservation groups are trying their best to decrease the amount of possums trotting greedily around looking for tasty treats.  What were the europeans thinking bringing these pests in, not looking at the damage they would soon cause this great land surrounded by the deep sea.  Farmers are helping, trying to trap them but we are as close to making a solution to them  as we are at stopping or slowing global warming or creating an end to pollution.  Hunters use a variety of methods trapping, shooting and poisoning as well but there remain millions and millions of them all over our chunk of land.

When the british settlers entered they wanted something to hunt.  They thought of possums.  They thought of hunting for fur and beginning a fur industry.  Australia had some brushtail possums.  In 1887 nobody would have guessed such a problem would occur.  Deer, rabbit and trout were used for sport, games and activities while horses were used for travelling.  Some animals were brought to remind the people of their home land.  Soon enough 100 and 100 possums were released in NZ.They wrote about such an event in 1917.  At first they thought it was a great idea.  They didn’t think of any problem or harm they would cause nor did they believe there would be any bad consequences taking place soon by those pests.  

There was also a risk with poison.  What if the poison reached an innocent animal they were not planning to hurt.  They started finding harm in farm crops, orchards and backyards.  At 1920 however arguments appeared but only trappers had the license to kill possums but they were against, this was how they were getting their money.  Without them having money, who knows what would befall them later?  The laws were erased to another and another and  another.  After these roaming pests were impossible to ignore.  There marks and tracks were seen everywhere.  Suddenly at 1947, they removed the restriction of only trappers able to kill them and anyone and everyone was allowed to shoot, trap and poison them including killing.

However the poisons were killing the dogs and native animals.    Bykill began.  Scientists were trying to think of a way to only make pests eat poison.  There was a large improvement.  

Possums started spreading a disease called bovine tuberculosis..  A disease from cattle.  Cattles were getting infected throughout NZ.  what would they do?  There was no other option, kill it was.  Possums were here and there, more had been born.   Covering 90% of country, they were.  ⅓ of the south island.  ⅔ of the north.   

In Australia they had a hard life, they were part of a food chain, and had predators.  Eggs were a rare treat from them there.  Lived on leaves, bark and flower, they did.  They had to compete for food there too.  Cats and snakes were predators.  They didn’t seem to have even one predator here.  In Australia there were a lot of bushfires and temperature changes, affecting them as well.  In NZ, they were top of the food chain.    They learned a new trick in NZ.    In Australia, the a female could only give birth to one young each year for the female ate less food there but here there is more food.  The female got much more scrumptious delights here and so they are able to produce two youngs each year in NZ.  

So, as you have seen, we need help.  So please help reduce the population of Possums congested in this area.  Buy possum tracks so when they arrive in them, ring people and they will come and trap them and kill them probably.  Rid nesting places under your sheds and bushes.  If you find small, sausage shape possum poo contact possum groups.  If you find damage on fruits, scratches on trees, damaged lemon skin, torn leaves then contact them as well.     We appreciate your help, thank you.

I believe I did my best at summarising the information and gathering them into paragraphs but need to work on less detail.

W.A.L.T: summarise term 3 in a google drawing.

 I think I did great work at gathering information but need more diagrams.

W.A.L.T: create a poster of some sport for world health day.

I think I did great work at gathering information but need to work on more detail.

W.A.L.T: make a describe map about how companies or industries support sport in NZ.

I think I did amazing work at gathering information but need to work on less detail.

W.A.L.T: create a compare and contrast map between two different and similar festivals.

I think we did nice work at gathering information but need to work on putting more abstract questions or using more better vocabulary.